Kapcsolda 2009

június 24th, 2009

love, lina.

Túra in Pilis

június 24th, 2009

Back to still quite cold days of March, let me remember the nice day of 14th we spent in Pilis hills.

With Serhat and Julia, a Karinthy Gimnazium student, we joined an excursion organised by Judit and some other guys for a children’s house kids.

Organizers prepared 2 different paths for kids to follow, according to the age and fitness of the kids. There were geo-caching treasures hidden along the both ways, so kids had more fun and motivation.

For more adventure we all together climbed the steepest hill we could find around, I have to admit I was quite worried for some kids if they can make it, but finally everyone climbed it all through as a hero!

There we could see beautiful miracles of nature, snow-flowers lusting for life!

In the end we had lot of fun and a very nice day spent in beautiful nature of Pilis hills…